Custom Made Wigs

At Wigworld we are proud to offer our clients a bespoke custom made wig service. We are one of a hand full of people in Ireland and the only salon in Waterford to offer this unique personalised service. All custom made wigs are individually designed and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch. These wigs are designed to the highest standards and are custom made for you by a trained technician and are personally tailored to suit all your individual needs.

The first step of the process is a consultation, where your specific needs are discussed. A template is then taken of the scalp to give the base dimensions and the order details are discussed . Everything is designed to suit you, colour, curl, base, hair length, direction and thickness. The design is then sent off for processing. Please allow a waiting period of  12 weeks for this service. This is the Rolls Royce of wigs and is suited to a long term wig wearer, alopecia client! I know as I wear this myself 🙂