Headwear For Hair loss

Headwear for hair loss is specifically designed for comfort and style. We have a large selection of headwear for cancer patients and women suffering from alopecica and other types of hair loss in our studio for clients to try on.

We are delighted to introduce our new Men’s hats collection , offering men suffering from hair loss total head coverage.

Our collection of headwear for hair loss is perfect for a comfortable alternative to wigs. Our beautiful designs change with the seasons, to reflect fashions, seasonal fabrics and trends. We have two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter.

Our headwear  consists of headscarves, turbans , hats and caps which are feminine and beautiful . There is something to suit every face shape.  They are made from the softest, finest cotton, natural bamboo  and silky fabrics making them very light and comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors.

Headwear for Sun protection -Sun Line Range

The Sun Line range is also a fantastic addition to our headwear for hair loss collection as the bucket hats and caps have a sun protection of 50+, where the headwear protects against harmful rays from the sun, made from 100% cotton and have been approved by Australian standards.

Bamboo Headwear-Wellness Range

The Wellness Range of turbans for hair loss are ideal for sports or comfort, they are sweat absorbant so that it keeps the head warm even though the head is damp. Wellness basic long and short scarves are a comfortable alternative to other headscarves as they are available all year round. The wellness line are made from natural bamboo/viscose fabric. Each style comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and prints.

Bamboo Wigliner

This unique product is made from bamboo viscose. It’s a small hat to be worn hidden under a wig and it has superb features that it cools the skin when its warm and keeps the skin warm when it’s cold outside. It is soft and is silk like to wear. It can also be used under our scarves for further volume and protection.